About the SPYNAMICS Sacro Aligner

The SPYNAMICS Sacro Aligner

(from: Sp(inal) (D)ynamics Sacrum Alignment)

The effective Back Pain Self Therapy tool was invented by the Back Pain Specialist Thomas Zudrell MD(AM), DMS following the principles of the Dorn Method, a Holistic Manual Therapy and true Self Help Method, and Science from Osteopathy and Physical Therapy.

Through applied physical laws, adjusted to the respective Anatomy and Physiology, long term results can be achieved in a simple and effective way.

The patented Design follows the natural shape of the human sacrum and lumbar vertebrae and when used properly can help to regain improved lumbopelvic alignment, muscle relaxation and improved nerve function.

This versatile device is a fantastic therapy aid that all medical professionals and body workers should recommend to their patients.

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner is designed to fit everybody from a body height of 140cm and above. It is a Self Help Tool for people with Back Pain, Migraine, Muscular Tension, Spinal Dics Problems, Sciatica, Scoliosis and many other conditions. The tool supports the structure and induces a gentle stretching and fascia self massage. The tool can be used in lying, sitting and standing positions depending on the individual situation.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions and tried many different ways to improve but without success then this gadget is perfect for you!

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Product description of the Self-Help / Self-Therapy Tool Spynamics Sacro Aligner

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner is a patented device for Self Help and Self Therapy and a therapy aid for people with back pain and related problems developed by Thomas Zudrell MD(AM), and supervised and tested by Dr Wayne Sibson B.Sc.(Clin.Sc.) MH.Sc. (Osteo), Australia.

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner helps to re-align the ISJ (Ilio-Sacral-Joint) and the joints (facet) of the lower lumbar spine towards the natural position and to relax the deep buttocks muscles, the muscles of the pelvic girdle and the lumbar spine which decreases the pressure onto the complex nervous system in this area and possibly can ease the pain associated with it.

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner allows an effective Self-Help and Self Therapy with only about 3 to 10 minutes regular and daily use and normally achieves an improvement of the pain situation after just 3 days.

(These statements have not been evaluated through independant studies, they are based on tests and research conducted by Dr Wayne Sibson and Thomas Zudrell and confirmed by many therapists and patients who use the Spynamics Sacro Aligner)


There can be no liability of Thomas Zudrell and Wayne Sibson and other therapist who recommend or use the Spynamics sacro Aligner or are due to incorrect use of the Spynamics Sacro Aligner.

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner is not a medical tool or substitute for professional medical advice. It is advised to consult your doctor before using this device. The use of this device is at the owners risk.

Caution: Do not use this tool in cases of recent accidents, severe osteoporosis, high fever, acute stroke, acute heart trouble cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral aneurysm, brain and spine tumors. If you suffer from any other serious health condition check with your physician or a professional health care provider first before using this tool!

Beside the above there are no known contra indications for the Spynamics Sacro Aligner but individual reactions may occur and are in the full self-responsibility of the user.

Caution: During the first few days using this tool the body may show some adjustment reactions which can occasionally be a little unpleasant. This is usually a healing reaction and should be gone latest after one week. If you are not sure about these reactions please consult your doctor first before you continue the exercises.


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Please note:

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner is not a medical tool or substitute for professional medical advice. It is advised to consult your doctor before using this device. The use of this device is at the owners risk.
The Spynamics Sacro Aligner may look a little like other products on the market but is in fact completely different in Material, Purpose, Shape and Science-Background.

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