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The information presented here may not be competely scientifically verifiable and therefore we encourage everybody to help us critically to prove or disprove our theory.

Dorn Method Practioners worldwide start to understand the mechanism of pain by simply applying the Dorn Method on their clients and themselves also realizing that a balanced life depends on a balanced structure which is the core of the hardware of our functional unit of body, mind and spirit.


Back Pain Secrets for Dummies

Many things in life are often not as complicated as we make them. A child looks at life different than an adult and a too analytical approach may not always be helpful in understanding connections.

Dieter Dorn was not a medical professional and looked at things often like a child without judging and backed up by his unique sense for natural laws and intuition.

The Method he developed nevertheless is a scientifically logical application of simple physics that is anatomically and physiologically correct.


Back Pain Secrets you should already know:

  • It is our own body that needs to do the healing, nobody can do the job for us

  • Our complex system constantly adjusts to stresses from outside

  • We need to see and understand the whole picture of ourself in order to find the correct path towards balanced health

  • Every little step that enhances health will cause positive changes over time

  • Every little step that endangers health will cause negative changes over time

  • Pain is usually a warning sign that should be taken care of correctly

  • The absense of Pain however must not mean that everything is in order and necessary positive adjustments have been completed

  • Inner, non physical problems, always influence our physical health

Therefore we need to do the homework:

  • Lifestyle changes may be necessary to encourage or start a healing process

  • A certain amount of self discipline is often required

  • Prevention of potentially unhealthy habbits is necessary

  • Pro-active participation during the process of adjustment and healing as well as maintaining a strong foundation requires awareness, positive attitute and willingness to change


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