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Spine Alignment Positions:

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner can also be used on different areas of the body to gently align and stretch other parts of the spinal column and to apply therapeutic pressure onto acupressure points along the Bladder Meridian along the spine and along the back of the head.

Best to start at the lower positions and work your way upwards.

For the lower position place the head of the Aligner into the lumbar curve and the humps higher at the spine so you do not feel the head pressing uncomfortable onto the spinal column.

For the higher position place the head of the Aligner into the cervical (neck) curve and the humps lower at the spine so you do not feel the head pressing uncomfortable onto the spinal column.

» Only the humps part of the Aligner should press next to the center of the spine!



Spine Alignment Movements:

Stay in each position you choose for a few moments (15 seconds to 1 minute is recommended) and make some gentle but dynamics movements to achieve alignment.

These movements should be done with the arms coming from the shoulder like slowly boxing (pushing) upwards (towards the ceiling).

» Caution: This may be quite uncomfortable in the beginning because of the often existing tension in this areas.

Breathe normal and stay relaxed

Change positions to cover most of the spinal column step by step if desired.

» picture follow....

These exercises are like a very firm Shiatsu Self Massage!

This will help to mobilize and re-align the Facet joints of the spine, relax trigger points and strengthen the back muscles.

» Note: Always stay relaxed and breathe normal

Do not exercise if it is too uncomfortable or causing pain!

Caution: At the end stand up slowly and careful to avoid dizziness!

» You may also watch the Video Demonstration for all exercises with the Spynamics Sacro Aligner

Download User Instructions:

Sacrum Alignment (pdf)

Spine Alignment (pdf)

Head Positions (pdf)

Other Positions standing (pdf)

Other positions sitting (pdf)


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